Our Story



Manuka South® is a new, fresh faced brand of New Zealand Health Food Company. Manuka South® embodies the values of our Christchurch family based company with a passion of supplying premium quality products to New Zealand and around the world.

Our new brand represents a new generation in quality assured Manuka Honey, NZHF works closely with the UMF® Honey Association and has been a member since 2007 . UMFHA was started to ensure a new standard in NZ Honey quality that’s trusted and true to label, for our consumers.

Rob and Lynda Haines, the founders of New Zealand Health Food Company started their business in 1988 together here in the mainland of the South Island NZ.

They had a vision to supply Health Food products handpicked from prestige New Zealand lands and around the world to enrich and improve people’s quality of life.


This dream of Rob and Lynda’s has become a reality…. this journey has lead us to Manuka South®


This amazing journey has spanned over four generations of the Haines’ family working within the company, over the 25 years of trading around the world. Rob has continued to preserve the family values and company independence which has allowed Manuka South® to be a 100% NZ owned and operated business. This is the key to keeping it unique and sets us apart from other corporate brands who sell on an New Zealand image rather than a reality.

With strong relationships within the NZ business and Bee Keeping community, Manuka South® is a premium selection of the finest Manuka Honey that New Zealand has to offer, presented to you in our stunning range.


From the hive to the Jar, the back country to the retail store, we deliver a taste of New Zealand’s purity in every jar.


Manuka South® and the Haines’ families journey has only just begun…

NZ Health Food Company