Manuka South® Black Reserve Propolis delivers a superior dose of flavonoids in each capsule, when compared to other brands available in the market.

Containing 72 flavonoids per 6000mg softgel capsule, Black Reserve Propolis provides potent support for the immune system.

6000mg of propolis delivered in each capsule.
Capsules are softgel, making them even easier to digest and absorb.
Manuka South® Black Reserve propolis has three-times more propolis, per capsule, than our Extra Strength softgels – and twelve-times more than our standard strength propolis softgels.

Product Information

120 Capsules


Product Dimensions: 
95mm (w) x 95mm (d) x 115mm (h)

Units Per Carton: 

Carton Weight: 

Carton Dimensions: 
59mm (w) x 59mm (d) x 80mm (h)

Product Type: Bee Propolis

Color: Black (softgel)

Grade: 72 Flavonoid Content 

Additives: Encapsulation Aid

Packaging: BPA Free Plastic

Shelf Life: 3 Years 

Form: Softgel Capsule

Brand Name: Manuka South®

Certification: HACCP

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