Manuka South® Corporate Gift Range

Give your clients the gift of health, this season.

Business is built on relationships

Show your customers that you care by giving them something unique this year!

We’ve all been inundated with gift-hampers, bottles of wine, pens, and various other stock-standard gifts at Christmas time. So, why not stand out from the pack and give your customers something truly unique, and uniquely New Zealand?

Big Order? 

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Limited Reserve Manuka South® UMF® 28+ Manuka Honey

A Limited release of some of the finest single-batch Mānuka honey available in the world!

As seen on:

Manuka South® UMF® 24+ Manuka Honey

Sleek and premium! This gift is sure to set you apart from the crowd, and wow your clients!

Truly unique.
Uniquely New Zealand.

Manuka South® UMF® 15+ Mini Manuka Honey Gift Box

It’s the little things that count!

This gift is the perfect way to show some appreciation for a special customer.

Manuka South® Wooden Honey Bee Kit

Our Wooden Gift Bee is the perfect idea. They are easy to put together and something you can do with the kids.

Need to buy a few corporate gifts?

If you’ve got a few clients that you need to buy gifts for, you may qualify for wholesale pricing on some products!

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