A new kind of luxury.

The Manuka South® Limited Reserve range is a collection of the highest-strength Manuka honey available in the world, packaged in an expertly hand-crafted carton which reflects the superior strength and quality of this range.

UMF® 26+ Manuka Honey

We proudly present our Limited Edition UMF® 26+ Manuka honey. This is a limited release of some of the highest quality and strength Manuka honey available.

Ensuring that all the nutrients of the honey remain preserved was our focus with this extremely rare product. This batch is raw processed, preserving every drop of goodness found in the hive.

UMF® 28+ Manuka Honey

Manuka South® UMF® 28+ Manuka Honey is the ultimate in premium Manuka honey. A reserve batch of 300 units of some of the highest strength Manuka honey in the world.

The strength of this premium honey is unprecedented, as is the lengths we have gone to to package this product in a unit that complements its extraordinary nature.