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What is Propolis Throat Spray?

Introducing Manuka South Propolis Throat Spray I just love this product. Not only is it a staple in my winter ills and chills box of oral liquids and supplements but I also keep one in my handbag and always take it away on holiday. As part of the Manuka South®...
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MGO vs UMF® – Which Is Best for Manuka Honey The Manuka Honey marketplace is crowded with many different scales and numbers all presented by different honey companies to help sell their products. Today I want to mention the two most common quality scales and how they compare, MGO vs UMF® Most...
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Propolis Health Benefits

Aren’t bees amazing! Bees are so amazing huh! Not only do they make liquid gold (literally….Ancient Egyptians regarded honey right up there with gold, silver and jewels etc) their honey making skills also provide us with some amazing by-products which can be super helpful for our bodies. Today I will...
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