Our Honey

Our Honey is carefully handpicked by our experienced team here at Manuka South. With close relationships with expert bee keepers throughout New Zealand’s unique back country lands, we can acquire New Zealand’s finest Manuka honey every harvest, every year.

With our suppliers situated in the lower Southern lands to the tip of the North Island, our Manuka is collected all over New Zealand. This allows us to supply you premium Manuka Honey of all grades of UMF®.

Some say less than 2% of the Manuka Honey harvested in New Zealand is over UMF® 20+, thanks to our amazing team here at Manuka South we are lucky enough to have access to this truly precious honey nicknamed ‘’liquid gold’’.

Manuka South® is 100% New Zealand Honey with no additives or harmful processing.  Honey is simply extracted into  drums, then removed , filtered then carefully creamed straight into the jar.

The Manuka South® quality is our Guarantee but the taste is our secret

Our alluring honey is creamy, golden Manuka honey with a distinctive sweetness, that makes for a pleasant taste every mouthful.

So we invite you to try our Honey products and we assure you after one taste, you will be a customer for life…