Propolis Extract (20%) – 25ml


Manuka South offers propolis in multiple forms to suit your needs. Our liquid extract can be used for various ailments, and can be taken internally or applied topically.

It can be added as a tonic to drinks to take internally, applied directly to the skin or mixed in with various creams, oils, mouthwash, or simply water to use for external application.


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If you’re feeling under the weather and suffering from a sore throat, a warm water gargle with a few drops of our Premium Propolis Extract is very effective in relieving sore niggles that may have settled in the throat. Or to improve dental hygiene, liquid propolis can be used daily mixed with some warm water as a mouthwash to help support the healing of canker sores. It may also reduce inflammation from gum disease and reduce dental carries. You can also easily add 15-20 drops of our liquid extract to any bottle of store bought mouth wash of your choice and use daily.

Premium Propolis Extract can also be applied externally to colds sores, shingles, warts and slow healing wounds. Premium Propolis Extract has been used by the Greeks and Egyptians for thousands of years to help improve wound healing. Modern research is being conducted with promising results into the efficacy of propolis to improve wound healing when applied externally.

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