Premium Propolis Softgels

Premium Propolis Softgels

Manuka South Propolis Softgels offer 500mg of propolis per softgel in an easy to swallow form. This product caters to those who prefer a smaller sized softgel that dissolves easily into a liquid. Although our softgel is of a smaller size it still delivers a high strength concentration of propolis at a dose that is optimal for anyone who wishes to take propolis daily in efforts to boost the immune system and increase overall vitality.


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There is much research being conducted on propolis benefits at the moment. There are bees on every continent except Antarctica. Every culture has used bee propolis for its helpful qualities. Propolis has been shown to be a very safe substance. The only people not recommended to take propolis are people who are allergic to bee stings or bee pollen. Propolis softgels taken daily has been shown to have a very positive effect on the immune system. They also help support certain organ systems of the body. Premium Propolis softgels benefits also include those that act as an antioxidant in the body. It is recommended to take our Manuka South Premium Propolis Softgels daily to obtain the most benefit. It is always advised to speak with your pharmacist or GP if you are currently taking any medications.


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