Premium Propolis Softgels – Extra Strength

Premium Propolis Softgels – Extra Strength

Manuka South Propolis Softgel High Strength is the strongest propolis supplement on offer. It contains 2,000mg of concentrated bee propolis per softgel. This is the best option for anyone looking to obtain a high dose of propolis without the hassle of swallowing multiple capsules a day. While a smaller dose of bee propolis daily is sufficient to produce supportive health benefits, a high strength propolis softgel is better suited for anyone who is looking to specifically target a concern in a shorter duration of time.


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Our extra strength premium bee propolis softgels are in a super concentrated form. This product is mainly recommended for those who are looking to produce a result at a faster rate. Therefore it is not necessary to take this supplement daily for long period of time. Certain health conditions require more immediate attention and require higher doses of supplements in order to have a therapeutic effect. Manuka South Softgel Extra Strength was designed to address this need while minimizing the number of softgels needed. Propolis have been shown to be a very safe substance. The only people not recommended to take bee propolis are people who are allergic to bee stings or bee pollen. As with any supplement taken in high concentration, it is always advised to consult your pharmacist or GP if you are currently taking any prescription medications.


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