Premium Quality

We work with beekeepers from all over New Zealand, and hand select only the finest Manuka honey available, every harvest.

In the Northland region of New Zealand, where our high potency UMF® is harvested, our beekeepers often locate and deliver the hives using helicopters. This allows them to survey the lands and pin point the best Manuka-dense forests; perfect for hives over the flowering period.

Hives and beekeepers are lowered into these areas using the helicopter, as most Manuka rich lands are inaccessible by truck or foot.

Often referred to as a ‘human sling’ operation, this is critical in accessing some of the most remote backcountry lands, and producing some of the best quality UMF® Manuka honey New Zealand has to offer.

Latest Technology

Manuka South® beekeeping partners also monitor their hive sites using the latest in hive management software.

This delivers real time, critical data to inform the beekeepers of their hives progress and aids in ensuring optimum quality is achieved.

Our products are expertly formulated and manufactured in New Zealand using only the best ingredients along with the latest manufacturing technology.

This means we ensure our customers are only getting premium quality products.

Why Choose Manuka South®?

With so many different brands on the market you want to be sure that you are making the right choice.

Below is some important information to help you make an informed decision.

Committed to Supply & Quality

We start by only using carefully sourced raw materials, collected from the natural environment.

All ingredients are thoroughly tested and approved before they are released for use.

Industry-Proven Standards

UMF® stands for Unique Mānuka Factor.

Most genuine, high-grade Mānuka honey from New Zealand displays a UMF® rating on the label and packaging.

Independently Assured

We are passionate about quality.

 All Manuka South® honey is independently tested prior to sale at an International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ) and UMF® accredited laboratory.

From the Hive to the Jar

It takes a skillful hand to create the worlds finest honey. Learn about our honey process, and the steps we take to ensure freshness, quality and honesty.

The Harvest

We harvest our honey from all over New Zealand.

Did you know an average worker-bee will only make roughly 1/2 a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime?

Honey Extraction

Experienced beekeepers remove the honeycomb from the hives. Honey is then extracted from the comb, with care!

Lab Testing

Honey samples are sent to independent laboratories for testing to ensure quality and purity.

All of our honey is true to label.


The honey is then creamed to perfection and packed into our induction-sealed jars to guarantee freshness.


We export to a number of countries, but all of our honey is processed, packaged and dispatched right here in New Zealand.

Ready for You

From the hive to the jar, we take pride in every step in the journey that our honey makes, to get to our customers.