Royal jelly is packed with trace amounts of almost every essential vitamin and mineral – as well as protein, fatty acids, and sugars – that humans need. It is regarded as a highly nutritious substance and is used to enhance overall health and vitality.

Many people supplement with our Premium Royal Jelly daily as a way to boost nutritional intake and fill any dietary gaps. Because premium royal jelly is an all-natural, non-synthetic substance it’s well tolerated and absorbed by the body.

A Perfect Everyday Health Supplement

Our Royal Jelly 1,000mg 0.3% 10-HDA is our most popular royal jelly product.

Royal jelly is fed in high amounts to the queen bee in a hive, which allows her to become significantly larger than the other bees in her hive. This increased nutrition also allows the queen bee to have enhanced ovarian function which means she is able to produce multiple offspring.

Because of its ability to enhance and grow the Queen bee much larger than the rest of the hive, royal jelly has long been believed to be a form of a super food which may also help enhance and improve overall nutrition and human health.