Superior strength, luxury and quality.
Unrivaled in the market.

It takes a skilful hand to create the worlds finest honey.

We proudly present our Limited Edition UMF® 26+ Manuka honey.

This is a limited release of some of the highest quality and strength Manuka honey available.

Rare & Refined

Get a taste of some of the rarest Manuka honey on the market.

UMF® 26+ Manuka honey accounts for just 0.1% of the total annual Manuka honey harvest, each year, making it an extremely rare find.

Ensuring that all the nutrients of the honey remain preserved was our focus with this extremely rare product. This specific batch of honey is raw processed, preserving every drop of goodness found in the hive.

We pride ourselves on the creamy, silky textured, strong flavoured Manuka honey.


Guaranteed Authenticity

We used accredited laboratories to authenticate the UMF® activity of our honey.

From these results, our No. 8 batch has obtained a UMF® certificate of authenticity to provide total quality assurance to our customers.

Like No Other

Premium honey demands premium packaging.

We designed the luxury, wooden presentation case because this is some of highest quality Manuka honey on the market, and we felt it deserved a little more care and attention than the rest.

Every detail in the packaging reflects the special nature of this honey.

Each outer-box is sealed with a Manuka South® authenticity seal. Each seal states the specific production number on the box.

The long history of the family business is expressed through the custom Manuka South® black wax seal on the front.

Experience the Hive

The case was designed as a nod to the timber frame of the hive, as well as the honeycomb that the honey was extracted from.

It is finished with a wood oil, then hand polished with a special Manuka beeswax-based polish. The same beautiful finish has been applied to the engraved Rimu jar lid.

The case is a simple but elegant geometric style, with crisp edges and corners (just as a hive frame is made). The front and back panels use a honeycomb pattern incorporating the Manuka South® logo. 

The clear shelving gives the impression that the honey is suspended in mid-air, giving it an ethereal look. The honeycomb pattern on the gate and back panel helps accentuate this, while still making it feel like premium product. 

Exclusively sold at Aotea Gifts in New Zealand.  

A Touch of Class

All metal elements have been plated in 18 carat gold. Reflecting the exclusivity of this product and giving it a touch of class.

Personally Signed

Each one includes a Certificate of Authenticity for Manuka South® Batch No. 8, personally signed by Manuka South® Founder , Rob Haines.

New Zealand Rimu

The case and honey dipper are hand-crafted out of New Zealand Rimu from storm-felled trees or recycled from Christchurch’s earthquake damaged inner-city buildings. 

100% Recycled Glass

The 100% recycled glass jar has the Manuka South® logo etched deep into the glass allowing the colour of this unique honey to shine.